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HillaryClinton411 is an initiative brought to you by the A Better America Super PAC. Our goal is to work on the political front to restore America’s values and make the American Dream achievable for everyone. Career politicians have ruined America by embracing their own ambitions and failing to serve the American people. Corruption has become the norm for many of our politicians and is widely accepted by some of the political parties in power. By exposing and fighting corruption, supporting solid candidates, and supporting all Americans, we strive to create a better America.


A Better America, PAC
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HillaryClinton411 Initiative

Our team is working hard to bring Hillary Clinton’s past and present activities to the public’s attention. We’ve been extremely disappointed by the media’s coverage and vetting of Hillary Clinton during this election cycle. We believe that if the American people knew what has been hidden from them, they would label Hillary Clinton the most corrupt Presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Rather than sit around and do nothing, we’ve decided to put our knowledge and experience to work, and we think we can do things no one else can. It’s a tremendous job and there’s not much time left to make an impact, so we could use your help.

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