Buckle up. Hillary and Cronies are Pure EVIL.

I wrote this letter to several friends on Facebook. Feel free to use it as you please.

To my dear friends and all those who support Hillary Clinton,

I know that you all are troubled by Donald Trump. He’s not what any of us wanted running for office. I won’t try to defend or justify him to you.
Why I am writing this letter to you all. I have been unemployed since May 2016. Since that time, I have been seeking God’s will for what is next in my life. I feel very strongly that God was drawing me towards politics in some way. I began researching oh so many things that I now wish I never knew. I was astonished at how naive I was and how much corruption, depravity, and wicked, vile, evil we have in the top level of our political system. My friends it exceeds corruption. “Corruption” is not a powerful enough word for what has been going on in our political system.
If we are watching and trusting the news, you are blind. The media is in collusion. They are all hiding their deeds from us. My Christian friends you are blind to wickedness on an Old Testament Biblical proportion. While your tendency will be to think I am exaggerating, I implore you to dig deeper for yourself. If I had not been jobless for 6 months, I would not have taken the time to uncover the vile and evil behaviors that have taken over our country.
Sources of truth you can find now
http://www.wikileaks.org – Podesta Emails
Twitter #podestaemails #podestaemails28
Pedophile Information on the Clintons
Who is Jeffrey Epstein? Pedophile peddler who owned Lolita Express (will underaged children on the plane) and ran prominent dignitaries and politicians to his pedophile island in the Bahamas.
Bill Clinton logged 20+ flights on the Lolita express.
It is being said that Hillary traveled as well. Information to be released in coming days.
Spirit Cooking (Just released last night. John Podesta participant. This is a satanic ritual…research it. Disturbing)
John Podesta (Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign)
And this on truly turned my stomach. Discussing a spirit cooking session with 3 young children being picked up for entertainment “in the pool”, but it would be cold outside so you should wear a sweater.
My friends. My dear dear friends. At what point will you recognize the evil that is before us? A woman…a group…that advocates for partial birth abortion. Emails by her team that participate in Spirit Cooking. More murders than you can imagine. #clintonbodycount War and destruction for profit in the Middle East. Selling US uranium right to Russia. Arming ISIS with weapons from Libya to overthrow Syria. A coup in Turkey. All so Qatar can build a pipeline to Europe. Moving $1.8 billion to Qatar in the last 4 weeks.
My dear dear friends. America, wake up before it is too late. The woman you are about to elect will destroy you and everything you hold dear. Her plans are already laid.

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