A New Look at the Clinton Bodycount

The Clinton Bodycount has been around for over 20 years starting with the first registered death in 1977 of Suzanne Coleman, a twenty six year old woman who allegedly had an affair with Bill Clinton and was pregnant with his child.

Since then, various versions of the Clinton Bodycount have sprung up all over the net with many consistencies like Vince Foster and Ron Brown, 2 of the Clinton’s closest friends and confidants, and with many inconsistencies including various military and law enforcement personnel.

Detractors of the Clinton Bodycount label it as a conspiracy theory. We have attempted for the first time to help the average American make sense of the Clinton Bodycount. By arranging the list into chronological order, consolidating the various lists, and breaking the list down into grouped components, we are able to look at the list in a new way, and something interesting happens…patterns emerge. With the current revelations about the Clinton’s criminal activity, more credibility is assessed to the Clinton Bodycount.

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Recent Updates:

While there are many patterns within the list, we draw your attention to special times on the list:


  1. Ron Brown, on the Clinton Advisory team, was coming under investigation and threatened to expose many secrets. Ron, Charles (his assistant), and Mohamed Ferrat were scheduled to fly overseas together. The day of the flight, Mohamed opted not to go. On the return flight May 3, Ron’s plane crashed overseas killing Ron, Charles and thirty seven passengers.
  2. Niko Junic, the airport personnel monitoring the equipment during the day of the crash, committed suicide three days after the crash.
  3. Three months later, Mohamed Ferrat, who opted out of the first flight narrowly avoiding it’s crash, died in the crash of TWA Flight 800 along with its two hundred and thirty passengers.

In three different incidents over three months, thirteen former bodyguards/escorts for Bill Clinton died.

  1. 2/23/1993, five marines perish in Blackhawk helicopter crash. Accompanied Bill Clinton on flights to the Roosevelt.
  2. 2/28/1993, four former bodyguards die in Waco raid. These four ATF agents were the only government agents to die at Waco.
  3. 5/19/1993, four former bodyguards die in helicopter crash near Quantico, VA.

So, we ask this question, “What do we know about criminals and criminal organizations? Is this part of a pattern of a criminal and a criminal organization?” You decide.

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